How to synchronize electronic flash with Polaroid Big Shot.

Many Big Shot users want to synchronize electronic flash with their cameras instead of Magicube. A DIY solution was posted by unclear a few years ago.

As it becomes more and more difficult to get Mgicubes, I tried to find easier method. The following is my simple solution.

1)What is necessary

    a. Electronic flash (GN30 or near value)
    b. Sync cable
    c. National PW-110 adapter

pw110a_eng.jpg    d. Hot shoe adaptor with a PC sync port

2)How to install

    a. Remove camera grip from PW-110
pw110b.jpg    b. Install hot shoe adaptor on PW-110
        (It is necessary because it is difficult to stabilize electronic flash
         on the hot shoe of PW-110)
pw110c.jpg    c. Install PW-110 on Magicube Socket of Big Shot.
BG_Top2.jpg    d. Connect hot shoe adaptor's PC sync port to electronic flash
       with sync cable.
    e. Fix the electronic flash on the diffuser unit of Big Shot.

bgflash.jpg    f. Set the red knob of PW-110 and verify green display which means
       "ready" (See manual for detail)

    g. You are ready to shoot

"National PW-110" adapter is accessory for 110-cameras that use Magicubes. It converts camera's pop-up knob movement into electric signal. And it works well with Big Shot!

As electronic flash, I used Panasonic PE-28S(GN 28) and obtained good result(See below).
Note: Special sync cable(PP-SA/P3) is necessary for PE-28S.

20101219munch500.jpgHave a fun!



do you also know where to get a National PW-110 Adapter or do you know where I can Find one?

If you have some information about that Adapter it would be great. Thank You!

Best wishes and HAppy New Year 2013,

Henri Buechel

Hello, Henri,
National PW-110 is one of the accessories that is hard to find.

I purchased one about 2 years ago in a yahoo auction's shop.

I searched the seller's shop just now but unfortunately could not find any more.
(seller's yahoo ID is "artphoto2007".)

Because PW-110 is for 110 camera that uses magicube, you might find one by searching 110 camera which is sold with accessories.

I hope this will help you. And Happy New Year.